Profile of CTCCO

On November 30, 1985, at the City Hall of Toronto, The Confederation of Toronto Chinese Canadian Organizations (CTCCO) officially announced its registration as a federal non-profit Chinese association in Canada. The founders created CTCCO with the dream of uniting the Chinese Canadians, protecting the interests of the Chinese community and the Chinese diaspora, and promoting the traditional Chinese cultures. In the past thirty-five years, the CTCCO has grown from having 24 member associations to a large organization of more than 100 member associations. Its social image, reputation, community status and public influence in the Greater Toronto Area have been growing day by day. It has always played an exceptional role and has become the Chinese community's banner in the Greater Toronto Area. CTCCO has made outstanding contributions to the exchange and cooperation between Canada and China in the fields of economy, trade, culture, technology, education and so on. The Confederation of Toronto Chinese Canadian Organizations has played an important role in promoting the social and political status of the Chinese community in their residing country and has actively advocated for the Chinese community to participate in politics and integrate into the mainstream society, while infusing a unique element of traditional Chinese culture into Canada's multiculturalism.

As the current – the 17TH Confederation of Toronto Chinese Canadian Organizations (CTCCO) Executive Council (2021 - 2022), we will continue to uphold the original intention and great visions of our predecessors in the overseas Chinese community and continue to lead CTCCO and its member associations to serve the Chinese community, promote Chinese culture, strengthen ties with all ethnic communities, and unite to work together for the exchange, cooperation and development between Canada and China.

The five main principles and objectives of the Confederation of Toronto Chinese Canadian Organizations are:

(1) To make unified efforts to protect and promote the solidarity and cooperation of the Chinese community in Toronto, and the legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese in Toronto.

(2) To encourage and promote activities that enrich and strengthen the cultural, educational, social, political, economic, and commercial status of the Chinese.

(3) To promote the preservation and development of Chinese language, culture and traditions and to encourage and enhance the understanding, appreciation and respect of other ethnic groups towards the Chinese culture and traditions.

(4) To work for and contribute to the national unity, national prosperity, multiculturalism and general welfare of Canada.

(5) To promote understanding of China among Chinese and other ethnic groups and to contribute to friendly relations between Canada and China.

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